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バスローブの使い方 - How to Use Bathrobes at Home

クラシック・ホワイトのバスローブ | Beaumont & Brown


バスローブの使い方 - How to Use a Bathrobe



Once you get used to it, our bathrobe is so convenient and comfortable that you will want to use it every day.  Here, I will give some suggestions on how to use a bathrobe to make your life more comfortable.


お風呂上がり、シャワーの後に - After Bath and Shower





The most common time to use a robe is after a bath or a shower. A towelling robe can be used like a towel on wet bare skin. However, if you like to relax a while with yourself wrapped inside a robe, it would be more comfortable to firstly use a towel to quickly dry yourself and then put on the robe. Some people like to wrap a towel around their body after getting out of the bath, but you can now use a robe for such purpose and, rather than a towel that is just wrapped around the body, the robe will feel more secure.

After a morning shower, why not have a cup of coffee and breakfast, while leaving your robe on? It might be nice to enjoy the peaceful morning time that you experience at a luxury resort, but at your own home as part of your routine, until you get dressed. And on a rather decadent weekend, you can keep just the robe on for a whole day. 

At night time you can cover yourself with a robe after taking a bath at night, while cooling down in summer, or keeping yourself warm in winter. This moment should be one of the most relaxing time after the hard day. What ever way you might spend your personal time to treat yourself, a perfect robe will make it even nicer. 

After that, leave it on until you fall asleep until you change into your favourite PJs before going to bed. Or, you can take off your robe, and just go to bed straight away. If so, make sure your robe is beside your bed, just in case!


ガウン、お部屋用の上着として - As a Gown  


It is also recommended that you use it as a gown at your home when it is chilly. Even if the doorbell suddenly rings and you have to open the door in a hurry, you should feel more comfortable with it on, rather than just with PJs.


赤ちゃんを迎えるママと、パパにも - For a Mum (and Dad) to be


バスローブを、産院へ持っていくのもおすすめです。お見舞いなど来客があった時、ナースステーションへの行き来などでお部屋の外へ出る時にも安心です。赤ちゃんと二人きりで過ごす時間も、リゾートにいるような気分に!どこへも行かなくても、バスローブがあればハッピーな Babymoon になるはず。はずもちろんローブなので、体型が大きく変化する産前産後の時期でも心配ありません。


It is also highly recommended for postpartum mums who are recovering after giving birth. With a newborn baby, many mums might spend the whole day in an almost nude state while staying at home, as skin-to skin communication is so important especially if you’re breastfeeding. However, if you have your robe on, you can spend a very special and happy time in a more stylish way and feel even more luxurious, but still stay practical.

It is even recommended to add to your hospital bag before giving a birth. You can feel assured that when you welcome a visitor, have to go outside of the room, or just make you feel relaxed and luxurious, your robe is at hand to quickly slip on. Another good thing of a robe is it adapts to your changing body shape.

When your child grows a little older, it will be useful after bath-time. You can put the robe on quickly. A cute children's robe is also highly recommended for the same reason.

子供用バスローブ | Beaumont & Brown


実用的で、ロマンチックなラグジュアリー・バスローブ - Practical and Romantic Luxury Bathrobes

Beaumont & Brown では、自分自身のパーソナルな時間を心地よく過ごすために、あるいはパートナーへのプレゼントとしてご自身とお揃いでお選びいただくこともございます。先日は、大切なご友人へのご出産のプレゼントとしてもお選びいただいたお客様も。

また、COVIDのために大好きなSPAへ行けないかわりに、お家で「SPA DAY」を過ごすためとローブをオーダーくださったお客様も。お気に入りのバスソルトとセルフケアアイテムにワインを揃えて、ローブを羽織ってセルフネイルで仕上げるステイホームな休日を計画されたそう…、そんなアイデアも素敵!


Beaumont & Brownの扱うバスローブは、機能性はもちろんのこと、スタイリッシュでフォトジェニックなホテル仕様。ベロアタオル地と、軽やかなワッフル地の2種類の素材で仕上げた、ラグジュアリーホテルやハイエンド・スパでも愛用されるシンプルでクラシックなスタイル。はじめの1着にも、すでにお持ちの方にも、きっとご満足いただけると思います!

You may have it to treat yourself for your personal time to relax, or as a gift for your partner. One of the customers kindly told us that the bathrobe will be a gift for her dear friends who will be a mum soon. Also, another customer told us that they choose our robe for their "SPA DAY" at home, while being unable to go to their favourite SPA holiday due to COVID - preparing special bath salt, self-care items as well as wine, finishing with the nail polished with the robe on…, what a lovely idea!

How about adding bathrobe to your daily life, rather than just saving the experience for only holiday time? Even though we introduced our suggestions on how to use, there are actually no rules, it’s all up to you.

Our bathrobes are not only functional, but also stylish and photogenic. Luxury velour towelling and waffle poly-cotton are available - same classic style that you always see at luxury hotels and spas overseas. We’re sure you will love it!

Bathrobe Collections URL: https://beaumontbrown.jp/collections/bathrobes

ベージュカラーのバスローブ | Beaumont & Brown

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